How was your health before starting Bootcamp/Training?

My health was not great.   I was overweight and in poor cardiovascular shape.  My goals were pretty simple.  I wanted to lose some body fat, gain back some of the flexibility I had lost, and of course…like any other guy, I did not want to lose strength or muscle mass.   All perfectly reasonable right??

What were the specific results you achieved with Better Body Fitness?

I attended boot camps throughout the year.  The big payoff for me came when Better Body Fitness  implemented their Rapid Results plan incorporating a nutrition and supplement plan as well as training.  The results for me have been incredible.  During this last stretch, I have dropped 23lbs in a little under 8 weeks.  I am at a weight I haven’t seen since I was 27 years old.

What was the #1 benefit you got out of taking Bootcamp/Training?

I am healthy.  That is the #1 benefit of training with Better Body Fitness.

Had you tried other programs before Bootcamp/Training? (DVDs, Diets, etc) Had they gotten you results in the past? Were those results maintainable? 

I have tried every diet and supplement under the sun since the age of 18.   My life was an interesting cycle.  I would balloon up all winter to gain strength, then spring would come and I would crash diet on say Atkins, or South Beach, or some other cutting fad to lose weight.  I used thermogenics when the diets didn’t cut weight for me fast enough, or calorie deprivation when nothing else worked.   Every year it got harder and harder to take the weight off.  Of course, the weight never stayed off because I didn’t know what I was doing. I never understood the stress I was causing my body.

What differentiates Better Body Fitness from the other trainers/programs “down the street”?

I have been strength training for over twenty years and  never even dreamed of some of the things that I have been doing.   I am doing exercises that engage multiple muscle groups at once.   Lunge/curl, bench press on an exercise ball, and the dreaded TRX bands for a complete body workout.  Some bands I call the “monster walk” bands, kettle bells, sand bags, medicine balls, battle ropes, tires, sledge hammer, slide-boards, and the sled.

The big difference at Better Body Fitness is this: At boot camp, we train as a team.  When one person struggles, another helps them through.  You will not find that atmosphere anywhere else.

In a few sentences please describe your overall experience in the last 90-180 days? What thing(s) would you most take away from Bootcamp/Training?

Two things stand out:

1.  The dedication of Better Body Fitness Trainers is unequaled.  Workouts are a bear, but they are fun.

2.  Results.   They speak for themselves.