How was your health before starting Boot camp/Training?

I was working out, but not effectively. I felt my eating habits were okay, but compared to now, they were poor nutritionally. I was gaining weight/inches and knew I had to make a change. I saw the success and energy of the BBF clients and

What were the specific results you achieved with Better Body Fitness?

Inches lost! Down 2 pant sizes! Lost 23 lbs.!

What was the #1 benefit you got out of taking Bootcamp/Training?

I’ve been inspired and motivated to make life long changes in my attitude/choices about Fitness and Nutrition. Knowledge is Power!

Had you tried other programs before Bootcamp/Training? (DVDs, Diets, etc) Had they gotten you results in the past? Were those results maintainable?

I did a few of the “fad diets”, tried Weight Watchers, where the scale “defined” my success. I was not able to maintain long term because of all the time needed to track things and frustrations with weighing in.

What differentiates Better Body Fitness from the other trainers/programs “down the street”?

BBF trainers truly care! They are in tune to what their clients need and are always looking for ways to add variety and make it fun and challenging. Chuck and Brian have created a “team” atmosphere, where we are supporting each other and getting healthy and fit together!

In a few sentences please describe your overall experience in the last 90-180 days? What thing(s) would you most take away from Bootcamp/Training?

I feel blessed to have FINALLY found a fitness program that works for me! This is not a “phase” or “stage”.  I have been given the right tools to help me be successful with my nutrition and exercise for LIFE!  My mind, body and soul are aligned~ THANKS to the training/guidance of BBFBC. I feel Amazing!