My Success Story

By:  Holly Janssen

I am so excited to share my success story with all of you!  I am hoping that my success with encourage some of you to challenge yourself and complete your own goals!!!

On April 11, 2011 I delivered my second child.  I had a planned C-section this time and of course had to weigh in.  I was appalled when I stepped on the scale and saw the number.  215 pounds!  I am only 5 feet 1 ½ inches tall.  Some of you say, “So what you were pregnant.”  I agree to a point, however, I began eating, drinking, and putting garbage into my body way before that.

I always had the best intentions to start working out and eating healthy, but always had an excuse.  I’m too tired, too busy, and I kept putting it off.  I honestly used to think that I was in pretty good shape.  I used cleaning my house and playing softball one day a week in the summer as my exercise, but of course would drink beer while playing!  What finally made me have enough?  I went to Virginia this past December.  My brother came back from a deployment and we went to visit.  I was down 20 pounds since April at this point, but had a long way to go.  I needed some major encouragement…..well I got some!

My sister-in-law made me go to gym with her and work out.  I was doing okay, until I was doing squats and split my pants because they were so tight!!!  The entire gym heard it and I was so embarrassed!  It was at this point I decided I can’t live my life like this anymore!  I returned to Green Bay on December 13th and joined a gym on December 22nd to begin my goal!

My goal was to weigh 140 pounds and wear size 8 jeans by July 22nd.  I began watching everything I put in my body, drinking lots of water, and working out five to six days a week.  The pounds started dropping from my beginning weigh in at 190 pounds on December 22nd.  I was finally starting to feel good.

I continued my work in progress the next few months and then of course, I got into a slump.  I wasn’t losing any more weight and was beginning to get bored.  Then I went to a boot camp at Better Body Fitness and loved it!  I started training with Chuck Marbes one day a week.  He gave me confidence, guidance, and encouragement.  He pushed to the extreme and the pounds started dropping again!  He gave me a “homework routine” each week to do and then he would change it up again.  I was actually starting to get definition in places I never thought I would!  Chuck became more than a trainer to me, but a great friend.  I can’t thank him enough!

My current status is 150 pounds of lean and mean muscle and I have been in a size 8 for the past 3 months already!  A few weeks ago Chuck introduced me to Vemma products.  I tried the Verve and loved it.  It gave me great energy without that sluggish feeling a few hours after like Monster and Rockstar drinks.  He let me try the Bod e burn and I loved that as well.  I ordered my product and the results were fantastic!  I have to go down a jean size!  I am going to buy a pair of size 6 jeans for the first time in 10 years!!!!!  I can’t believe it!  I am 20 pounds lighter than I was before I got pregnant with my second child!  Amazing…I know!  I took the bod e burn before my workout each day and in 7 days I was able to pull my size 8 jeans on and off without zipping or unbuttoning!!!!!

I am continuing my weight loss goals and enjoying my accomplishments!  I realized that you have to complete small goals before big goals.  I have learned that you really can do anything you put your mind too but YOU have to WANT it bad enough!!!!!!!!

Stay positive and focused,






  1. Kathleen Roix says:

    Holly, there are not enough words to describe how amazing your story is! The journey you’ve taken over the past year is something that so many of us can relate to. What you’ve accomplished is incredibly inspiring! You are right, it’s not just a physical, but mental transformation. You quit self-sabotaging your goals & decided to commit 100%! You took your ostacles, we call walls & blasted through them piece by piece, one step at a time! You are one amazing woman & mother. Keep rockin’ it out girl! You’re beautiful & we’re all here, the better body fitness bootcamp always standing alongside you, livin’ healthy & happy lives!! 🙂 ♥♥

  2. Lynn Deschaine says:

    CONGRATS to you Holly!!!! All the hard work sure has paid off. You look AMAZING!!!

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