Hi Chuck,

I wanted to let you and Brian know I was very impressed with Saturday’s workout. Most impressive I think, is the way in which the both of you managed the process. Very professional, well planned and executed, safety first, and always an eye on making sure nobody was overwhelmed. Well done!!!

For myself, I was sure this would be a onetime event. I just didn’t think it was something I could get into. Really this is just not my cup of tea! Well, I was wrong and I will be back. Much of this is due to the way you guys handled everyone. Even though there was a lot of people there, I still felt like I was getting personal attention from both of you. The input was positive, reassuring, and beneficial. Thank you so much Chuck and Brian! Seriously!

As for the aftermath, my calf muscles are sore, the rest of me weathered the storm just fine. My muscles were already in pretty good shape due to a well designed workout regimen you put me through. My cardio is somewhat lacking and I knew this going in (my bad). However, I was still able to make it through OK although the last two stations (sand bag toss & the slide board) KICKED MY ASS! I was done after that, and I mean DONE.

Eric (future son-in-law) is very sore due to the fact he has had no weight training. I love it that the old man is walking fine and the young guy is walking like he has just ridden a horse for 100 miles, snicker, snicker. Cardio was not a problem at all for him because right now that is his complete focus. This served as a reminder to him that he needs to get in some weight training. For me, I need more cardio.

Great Job by both of you!!




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