Jul 2015 16

One of my favorite shirts of all time says… 1 - cardio

“Cardio Sucks!”

and ya know what?

For the longest time I was preaching it

and here’s the HONEST TRUTH about it

I did hate cardio

(and maybe you do right now)

But WHY did I hate it?

Because I sucked at it!

I would do anything to get in shape without it

But I was coaching people to do it

I know…

Total Hypocrite, right?

^^ Again…the truth!

But recently that’s all changed

Not because I didn’t know it was essential to results and fat loss

I’ve gotten certifications that taught me that

But because I finally got off my lazy ass

Because I wanted to have Hands On Experience

In January I committed to dropping the bodybuilding thing

And jumped ‘All In’ with only using Bootcamps for my fitness

Yes it’s true…

I was finally in complete integrity with my business


I was getting kick ass results

I dropped 20lbs of fat in 4 months

Most recently

I decided to challenge myself with running


Ran that 5k last weekend

Loved the challenge

And this week

I downloaded a NEW app for my iPhone

The “10k Trainer”

It’s a 14 week program for novice runners

All it took to change my perspective and attitude was a little challenge

Not to be a master running over night

Not even to ‘love’ running

Just to love the challenge to EXPERIENCE it

You never truly LEARN and GROW without experiencing something

^^ huge lesson right there

Read all you want but nothing will ever trump ‘the experience’

So where in your fitness journey are you holding back? 

Where have you been a critic? 

Is there something you ‘hate’ about working out? 

Convinced that ‘something’ won’t work for you? 

I was convinced I hated cardio

Especially running

Now I have experience

I’m not saying I have any ambition to run marathons

But I do know two things

I DON’T hate it anymore


Cardio is kicking my RESULTS into high gear


Click: http://www.twoweektestdrive.com/

– Chuck “100mph” Marbes


I can’t wait to share with you the program Roxanne and I are putting together

Better Body Blueprint 2.0 

The results that we have been experiencing this past month are insane

and the best part is this

We are eating the foods we love

Yes, even drinking wine when we want

And not “killing ourselves” when it comes to working out

and it’s seriously the simplest food plan I’ve ever created

But for now…


Click: http://www.twoweektestdrive.com/

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