May 2015 15

So you want to look sexy for summer? 7 tips

You want to melt away the muffin top and slide into your skinny jeans?


Just so happens that I have the tools to do exactly that

So let’s get down to business then my friend:

1) Track Workout INTENSITY 

Tracking how many times per week you

workout is important, however, intensity

is 10x MORE important.

How big of a punch can you

pack into one workout and…

in the shortest amount of time!?

2) CUT BACK on the carbs 

Notice I didn’t say cut out!

Cutting back can really speed things up

Have your carbs in the 1st part of the day.

Also, make sure to rid yourself of

sugars or any ‘white’ carbs

– White rice, pasta, bread, or potatoes.

You can still have those things but

NOT the refined ‘white’ versions

3) Set DAILY calorie goals 

Download a calorie tracking app

Upload your stats and info



4) ADD in Weights 

Adding in weights will ramp up results

Add in weights 2-3x per week

This will increase muscle tone


Help burn more calories

It’s a WIN WIN!

5) Keep It SIMPLE 

Information does NOT equal transformation

Don’t look for MORE info!

Stick to the basics

Follow the basics

Master the basics

Record DAILY wins

More information will just confuse you and

cloud your mind

Prove that what you’re currently doing

is working before adding something new

or taking something out

Again, track it!

6) Invest in HELP and Guidance

Everyone needs a coach

It’s not always how ‘hard’ you hustle and work

It’s about doing it the right way

Learn from those that have been where you are right now

People that know more than you do

So you can stand on their shoulders

and get to your goals FASTER!

INVEST in yourself

It’s the fastest way to get to where you want to be

There’s no doubt about it


Don’t just ‘eat healthy’ and ‘workout’

Do the things that matter

The things that can be measured, tested, tweaked, and leveraged.

Not the stuff you ‘feel’ like doing

What I mean is…

The things that MELT YOUR MUFFIN TOP

The exact actions that will get you results

Like I teach and coach at BBF

Check Out These Results!

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^^ Limited Time Offer

Free Trials are giong ‘bye bye’ very soon

Jump on now while you still can.

– Chuck “Master Muffin Blaster” Marbes

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May 2015 14

I bet you’ve heard this one before haven’tyouve changed

I’ve seriously lost count how many ‘friends’
have said this to me over the past few years

The funny thing is I haven’t changed at all

I’m still the same ole’ Chuck that loves to
laugh, have fun, enjoy life, and most
importantly impact and help people become
better people

I think I forgot to mention the good ole’
Mr. ‘no excuses’…yup haven’t ever
lost that touch

and now I have a growing business

I’m not just a little personal trainer scratching to
make a living anymore like I was 10 years ago


Here’s the thing my friend

this may sting a little

People Don’t Want You To Be Successful


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Even some of your closest friends (or family)
don’t want you to be successful

Sounds backwards right?

They say that they ‘wish you’ success but
when you actually obtain it..things change.


Because THEY are lazy

lazy AND afraid.

They are afraid to be laughed at, made to
look stupid, or possibly even ridiculed for
their (lack of) efforts


Because it makes them uncomfortable

and as soon as you start seeing success and
start getting results all of sudden…

“You’ve Changed!”

They’re just upset because their life is going no where

That’s real issue here…again not you

People hate when you make them feel lazy

Some people may even think you’re doing it on
purpose to make them look bad

But here’s the thing….

You don’t need to have a ‘fall out’ with them

They’re honestly just mad at themselves, and
your success is making them think and reflect
on their own lives

They are getting a taste of the…

( ( THE MIRROR ) )

– They are overweight or out of shape

– They don’t make time to change

– They have to buy clothes that cover up

– They don’t feel sexy (they pretend they do)

I’ve had to deal with people ‘falling out’
with me over the years but in all honesty
they are doing me a favor.

I stand for my beliefs and I know in my heart
that what I do, the decisions I make, and the
message I send is genuine and it is designed
to positively affect people and help shape
and mold our community

I’ve been deleted off of Facebook ‘friends


people have unsubscribed to this very email

And all I can say is….Bless Their Hearts

As I said earlier it DOES sting a little and
it does hurt somewhat (yes I am human)

but you just have to
remember that there is only ONE direction to
move in and that is FORWARD

Let me wrap this up for ya…

When someone pulls the ‘You’ve Changed’ card
on you just make sure you Thank Them and keep
on doing what you’re doing

Steel Focused

Never ever lose sight of your dreams, goals,
and your mission that you set out to

Don’t ever stop and don’t ever quit!

Remember…You’re ALLERGIC to Average

So between you and me the fastest way to
repel energy vampires is to surround yourself
with amazing, motivated, and LIKE MINDED
people that will support your hopes and
dreams and encourage YOU to be more and do
more all while being Yourself.

So if you’d like to experience a group of
people like I’ve just described then keep

Click the Link Below and I’d be HAPPY to give
you TWO WEEKS at BBF on me. Fill out the app
(don’t be lazy) and you’re on your way


PS…. Lazy, unmotivated, energy vampires
need not apply


May 2015 13

So this whole no carb thing? PaleoDiet2

Paleo diets..

South Beach…


Mehhh! Whatever…


Nom Nom Nom

Do you like carbs my friend?

Who doesn’t, right?

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First of all carbs are fuel

Now you need to now which ones to eat

When to eat them

How to incorporate them into your meal plan

Those are all important factors

But why are people so hypy about all these low carb no carb diets then?

I’ll tell you exactly why

And why you should stay as FAR AWAY from them as possible 

Because people are fixated on quick results

Almost the same as winning the lottery

It’s rediculous

The lottery won’t change anything

90% of people that win the lottery end up broke again

So here’s the moral

These diets DO teach one thing

How to get results

But here’s the catch…

Results that are only based on

  1. Manipulation
  2. Restriction
  3. Depriving yourself
  4. Sheer willpower

That is NOT the list you want to be working from

I mean if losing a few pounds for a few weeks is your goal

But that’s a lot of energy spent with little return

and we both know those are SHORT TERM results

And the very second you quit a plan like this


The flood gates have now opened

The weight will come back on and 10x quicker

The old ‘lose 15 lbs and gain back 25lbs’ type thing

Nothing about that sounds good to me

Does it sound good to you?


would you rather have

  4. Results for a lifetime?

I’m guessing that sounds more like your ‘cup of tea’

As I said above I love carbs!

Heck I love pizza too!

Matter of fact I ate some cookies over the weekend.

(The Girlfriend joined in as well, haha)

But here’s the thing….

We had it all figured out

Yes that’s right

We knew exactly how to figure them into our daily food plan

We didn’t starve ourselves all day so we could binge eat crap

*You know what I mean*

The “weight watchers” way

Eat like a bird all day so I can eat all my ‘brownie and beer’ points at night

^^ don’t get me started on W.W.

So don’t get yourself wrapped up in the diets and fads

The infomercials and the magazines

It’s SIMPLE my friend

It’s the BASICS…

  • Cut out Fast Food
  • Reduce Sugars
  • Cut out the white (rice, pasta, bread)
  • Replace the white with whole grain
  • Eat your carbs earlier in the day
  • Control portion size
  • Record your calories
  • Evaluate your calories
  • Build in your ‘cheat’ meals
  • Don’t eat trigger foods

Stay grounded in the basics

And remember

“overnight success” takes days, months, and years…

My friend if this all sounds a little complex don’t worry

I have something for you

It’s as easy as ‘Paint by Numbers’

Want to see it?

Check it out here


Chuck “Say NO to Paleo” Marbes



May 2015 12

Ummmmm yeah….mad face

Ever have somone say that to you?

You just busted your ass for the past ___ weeks

The scale is moving in the right direction

You are starting to squeeze into new jeans

Feeling really good about your progress

You show up at work or a social outing

and then…


They say it….

“Wow have you lost weight? You face looks so thin…”


In 5 seconds you went from

On top of the world


The pit of despair

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They said nothing about the new jeans you’re wearing

Nothing about the new top



And then it happens

Their words begin to fester…

For the rest of the day

The rest of the night

You sleep on it

You wake up the next day

It’s still there

It’s like a wound that was healing and has scab

And now….it ITCHES like crazy

And we all know what happens then

You start to scratch it

(not a good habit)

It’s a self destructing habit

So my friend

what do you do to keep these thoughts from wrecking your mindset

and ultimately your momentum

Well it’s going to take some work

You can’t let one little comment derail you

What you need to do is look into the past


You are only allowed to do ONE thing

Not to dwell on coulda, shoulda, wish, etc

To look at all the wins you’ve accumulated

The daily, weekly, and monthy wins

This is PROOF that you did the work

This is exactly why you must have a journal

A journal to track:

  • your workouts
  • intensity of workouts
  • your sleep
  • what and when you ate
  • calories consumed
  • energy levels
  • water
  • etc, etc, etc

You will find tons of ‘golden’ nuggets

Inside your journal you will find you WINS!

It’s proof as I said.

Emotions can run us over like a freight train if we let them

How do we counter act them?

Through proof of ACTION!

See here’s the thing

Your results are based on one thing


Your actions is direct results of your thoughts

So, today I will leave you with this…

  1. Guard your thoughts
  2. Thoughts become things
  3. Those things are ACTIONS
  4. Record your actions
  5. Review your actions
  6. Celebrate your wins!

SIDE NOTE: Do NOT seek validation

Be confident in your progress

because now you have PROOF

Not just what the scale says

Not just what the new jeans show

You have a list of daily wins to celebrate

Imagine if you celebrated 3 wins each day

That’s 21 wins a week


84 wins a month


Start keeping score today!

Want to learn the process I teach to my Bootcampers?

I’d love to show you

All you have to do is Apply and I’ll give ya Two Weeks on me

Apply Here:

Chuck “For The WIN” Marbes


May 2015 11

How was the weekend? scale

Just checking in to see how things are going.

I hope you were able to spend time with friends and family

So let’s talk about the aftermath of holidays

The ‘I ate and drank too much” scenario

Now most people will beat themselves up over it

and be emotional wrecks the whole week

Especially today


One day will not kill your results

What will kill your results is if one day bleeds into the next

that’s when things go wrong

Will eating healthy be a bit of a challenge today?


Will you be dragging your feet to workout?


But you just have to do it

Resistance is a constant struggle we face every day

It will always be there

We just have to learn how to recognize it

and not let it dictate our decisions

So today get out for a walk

Eat healthy snacks

Make sure you’re eating every 2-3 hours

Lots of water!

and just stay focused on your goals

Write EVERYTHING down.

At the end of today reflect on your wins

What did you do TODAY to make it a success?

This is a powerful exercise for the mind

Let’s make this week about two things my friend

1) Being compliant 

(Do the daily tasks)

2) Being consistent 

(Repeat the daily tasks day after day)

Those small little tips will propel you ahead by leaps and bounds

Need a Jump Start to Fat Loss?

Short on time?

Don’t know where to start?

Check this out.

Most clients will lose 5lbs in their 1st week!


– Chuck “TGIM” Marbes


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