May 2015 20

So I got the following question from Email subscriber Tracy…. macros

“Hi, wondering what you think about tracking nutrition by macronutrients- carbs, protein, fat and carb cycling? “

I get these type of questions quite often

It’s actually a great question

And I do have an answer

But before I get to that

Do you find yourself asking similar questions about nutrition?

I’m sure you do and it’s quite common

and here’s the thing about these type of questions

You need to ask yourself this..

“Am I putting the cart before the horse?”

See fat loss is a funny thing

It has a so many options to choose from

Yet… at the end of the day

It boils down to this.

Burn more calories than you consume.

Are macros important?

– Yes

Should you know what they are?

– Yes

Should you track them?

– Yes

Will this lead to greater results?

– Yes

Does carb cycling make a difference?

– It can depending on your knowledge and application


Those are what I like to call

Level 2 and Level 3 applications

See if you haven’t mastered Level 1

You can’t move on to level 2 or 3 etc.

So what’s level one?

I would put it as simply as this…

– Having a target calorie goal

– Executing for 21 days

– Review

That’s it.

And why so simple?

Because most people WILL NOT do it

They find every reason or excuse as to why they couldn’t log there food for 21 days

You have no idea what IS or what is NOT working without data


So getting to level 2,3, etc will help you

But not when you’re first getting started

Big picture thought today is this…

( ( GET CLEAR ) )

Get clear on where you currently are

Record your days

Get clear on where you want to go

What is the end result you’re seeking?

And biggest of all

Get clear on WHY do you want this outcome? 

When the going gets tough

What will real you back in to do the work?

Remember, it’s not complicated

You just can’t jump to level 3 on day one OR in one day

Will it require effort?

Yes of course

But I will promise you this

The journey will NOT be frustrating if…

If you start at level one

with a plan!

Don’t put the cart before the horse my friend

Keep It Super Simple (KISS)

Do The Work

Execute Daily



If you’re still feeling a little lost

and needing something that’s easy as 1,2,3..

Then check this out:

The BBF 28 Day ‘Get Fit’ Challenge

Starting June 1st

Deadline to apply is Monday, May 25th.


Details below


– Chuck

ps….please keep sending your questions.


May 2015 19

I’m super excited to share this story with you today how-to-lose-10-pounds


Because it’s about reality

The reality that very few people live in

See we are designed to think we can achieve the

“Results not typical” before and afters

The Biggest Loser insane weekly weigh-ins

The radical 90 day transformations

As if that’s the ‘standard’ or something

And I am here to tell you…it’s not

And that my friend is why so many people QUIT

Because it seems impossible to achieve those type of results

Yet you keep striving for them

It’s not to say that you won’t ever achieve them

It’s to say that you’re aiming for the wrong target RIGHT now

Now in the last 30 Days Jeannette, a BBF Member, had AWESOME results!

She lost 10lbs on the scale and 1.5% Bodyfat!

10 lbs of FAT…GONE!

That’s 10 softball sizes of fat

Doesn’t that sound awesome to you?

Wouldn’t you love results like that?

And repeat those results month after month?

See the thing about Jeannette’s story that I love is this…

She’s had struggles

The scale hasn’t always been her friend

Even with hitting Bootcamps multiple times per week

Something wasn’t working

So what got the results in the last 30 days then?

It was going back to basics on nutrition!

SIMPLE….and highly effective

The one tweak was simplfying everything 

A few simple meals

A few simple snacks

We added in some shakes to make it even more simple

Track it all on a simple intake form


Here we are 30 days later.

See the thing is everyone makes it too complicated

There must be a ‘better’ way

A ‘faster’ way

But after 10+ years of coaching

I’m here to tell you

I’m NOT SHOCKED that she got awesome results


1) Asking for Help

2) Creating an Action Plan

3) Creating a SIMPLE Plan

4) Executing it DAILY

5) Tracking it

And most important of all

6) Evaluating where to make improvements

People think the magic is in the plan

Was that critical to Jeannette’s results?

Of course it was


The execution was the most critical 

Being compliant to the plan every day

And being consistent day after day and week after week

Planning is great but it only gets you so far

It’s the infatuation phase

Everyone loves to plan

It’s the commitment to execution that will get you to the promised land!

v v v v v v v

Want to melt 10 softball sizes of fat off your body?

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

And do you think you could make…


Then take a peak at this

We are opening up a 28 Day ‘Get Fit’ Challenge

Starting June 1st

Deadline to apply is Monday, May 25th.

ONLY 10 SPOTS AVAILABLE (3 Spots Already filled)

Details below


– Chuck “KISS” Marbes

^^ That’s Keep It Super Simple

Have a great day!

Want to see how Laura lost 13lbs in 28 Days?

A 28 Day Get Fit Challenge Graduate


May 2015 18

So I am sure you’re dying to know secret

CHUCK….what’s the secret to fat loss?

I get asked this all the time

And after 10+ years of training people I have to say

It does actually boil down to


So let me just take a minute to set this up

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See…how is it that 2 people

with the same intellect

same desires

same abilities

and same opportunity

end up with completely different outcomes?

one gets results

and the other flames out and quits

I mean it makes ZERO sense, right?

I’ve seen this time and time again

So is the secret in the coaching?

Do I (Chuck) posses some kind of magical fairy dust?

that would be news to me, lol it’s not the coaching

I mean that’s part of it but it goes deeper than that

Well what is it then?

You may not believe this

But it’s just one word


Commitment to ‘do the work’

Person #1 has Interest in losing weight

Person #2 is Committed to losing weight

Interest in nice…

Interest sounds good…

Interest can wait…

Interest you can push to the side…

Commitment is a personal promise to yourself

Commitment is a conscious choice to act

Commitement PULLS you towards our outcome

^^ It’s like a magnet

Commitment accepts no excuses

Commitment ONLY accepts RESULTS

So, what do you need to be committed too?

  • Planning Meals
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Preparring Meals
  • Logging Your Calories
  • Planning Workouts
  • Logging Your Workouts

Nothing on that list is new news

::SECRET #2:: 

The basics will always give you the BEST results!

People over think weight loss wayyyy too much

I said this a few days ago

Information does NOT equal transformation

Stop becoming an information collector


Be committed to your goals

And just do!

Spend less time thinking

and more time doing

Keep it simple


Do The Work

If you’re committed to making a change

Then this is for you


– Chuck “The Secret is Out” Marbes

PS… Jump on that Two Week Limited Time Offer

Before it goes away for good!

(because it will…and soon)


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May 2015 17

Doesn’t this weight loss thing feel like it’s such a drag some days?  lessons learned

I mean it takes forever, right?

You put in all this ‘effort’ and for what!

I used to think the same thing about my relationship

I put in the ‘effort’ and get nothing in return

Well honestly that was complete load of BS

I was lying to myself you see

The truth was “I said” I cared

but in reality I cared more about other things

I allowed constant distractions to take priority in my life

In reality I was putting EVERYTHING ELSE first

I was a total D-Bag!

And guess what happened?

My world imploded

How could it not, right?

Now things are much different

Like a 100% Turn Around!

How’s this possible???

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I INVEST every week

Matter of fact I invest DAILY

And it take lots of effort

It’s hard work

And I love it!


Because the return on investment is awesome

The same principle applies in your fat loss journey 

You can’t just expect results to just “show up”

^^ all areas of life actually

If you want to make withdrawals in your

– Fitness

– Weight Loss

– Inches Lost

– Losing Body Fat

– Dropping Jean Sizes


1) Time


2) Effort

and you must have… 

1) Dedication

2) Focus

3) Commitment

which will require you to…

1) Have a strong DESIRE

2) Take Action

3) Sacrifice

4) and Have Discipline

All of these things are daily deposits

Once you accumulate enough you can expect a great return

An abundance of results!

So really this boils down to one thing


Are you putting yourself first?

Are you making your health a priority?

I wasn’t showing up at all in my relationship

I wasn’t scheduling time for it

I wasn’t making it a priority

I wasn’t willing to make scarifies

All of these things will add up


You can be lazy and not care

Which leads to being broke in your health


Focus on making




( ( Deposits ) )

The reward in a few weeks will be well worth it my friend

That’s all for today.

– Chuck “From The Heart” Marbes

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May 2015 16

Lately I’ve been thinking about quitting Bootcamps. quitting

See at the time when I built BBF 3 years ago

We followed a growing industry trend

Bootcamp was a hot and flashy name

and that was when the BBF dog tag was born

Now I love the Dog Tag

I love what it represents

I love everyone that has made it possible


Bootcamps are NOT what we really do anymore

What do I mean?

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It’s the same reason we don’t have Trainers at BBF


See any Trainer can make you sweat

But a coach…

A coach makes you BETTER!

In a former life ‘Bootcamps’ were about making you sweat

They were about “Beast Mode”

Now don’t get me wrong here

It’s still about sweating and getting an awesome workout


The emphasis now is so so so much more

It’s about a higher quality of experience

It’s about a higher standard

It’s like Cheers

Ya know

The place where everyone knows your name!

(If you’re under 30 just Google it, lol)

You’re not just another body on a treadmill

You’re not just doing cookie cutter workouts

You’re not just showing up and leaving without purpose

Here’s a quote from the movie

Grumpy Old Men

“It’s all about the experiences Johnny”

It’s not about getting your Ass kicked.

It’s about becoming a BETTER version of yourself

What did you do TODAY to get better?

To get you one step closer to your goals?

To improve by 1%

That’s what it’s all about

Getting clarity on where you are right now

Clarity on where you want to go

And figuring out the plan

(The customized plan)

To get you to your destination

And delivering the results

We are ‘BBF Airlines”

and you’re sitting FIRST CLASS

on your way to your dream destination


your dream body and dream life


We are NOT just Bootcamps

We ARE Better Body Fitness

We help build people to becoming

BETTER People.

In Health, Fitness, and HAPPINESS.

We are Better Body Academy.

We teach, coach, and mentor

And we do it all First Class.

Want to ride first class?

Just Apply Here –>


– “Captain” Chuck

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