Jun 2015 07

Why is weight watchers so popular? 1 no exercise

It’s simple

Lose Weight without Working Out

Now do they advocate for exercise?

Yes of course…

But seriously

Why do you think people flock by 1000’s to good ole’ WW?


Ya Don’t Have to Work Out

– And –

BONUS: You get to eat what ya like

^^ Save my thoughts on that for another day

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SO anyhoooo…

Not only does this sound sexy

This no working out thing

But is it really true?


Yes, it is.

Is it the most effective way to get to your dream body?

Well, that’s highly debatable

And honestly I’m not here today to debate jack…

If you want to lose fat & tone up

It’s a food AND exercise thing

It’s going to take a joint effort

It’s why Bootcamp gets people to their goals

But what’s my biggest advice on a “no” exercise plan?

Here’s my ‘Top 5 ‘ To Do List: 

  1. Start Eating Breakfast Every Morning
  2. Eat Every 3 Hours
  3. Eat 4-5x Per Day
  4. Limit Carbs after 3pm
  5. Keep you weekends the same as your weekdays

It’s as simple as that

Matter of fact I call this my

5 Key Factors to Fat Loss

I’ve shared this with EVERY member of BBF

It’s the first thing we introduce you to when you join

and it’s because we ONLY focus on the basics

Why make life complicated?

The journey requires effort

So again…don’t make it harder than it needs to be

The last thing I want to do is bog you down


Is exercise important?

Hell Yeah!

Food and Fitness is the ultimate ONE…TWO knock out punch for fat loss

But I will also share with you this gem

“You can NEVER out exercise a bad diet” 


A calorie is NOT just a calorie 

Food choices DO matter

And eating brownie’s and beer

just to fit your points my friend

Probably not going to work out fo ya.

Just sayin..

So…today is the LAST day

The last day we are offering our Two Week Free Trials

aka…Two Week Test Drives

If you want to book in all you have to do is

Apply here..

We will get you started THIS week

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– Chuck “Unlocking the Keys” Marbes

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I am launching a super bad ass webinar you want to miss 

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This will be a FREE training that’s going to ‘blow’ your mind 

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Can’t wait to share it with you 

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Jun 2015 06

So Thursday night Roxanne and I were out for dinner 1 better than sex cake

We ate at my favorite place called Plae Bistro

Amazing Food!

She ordered Walleye

I ordered Tenderloin

Both were off the charts amazing!

Mouth Watering actually

So it came to the pivotal moment

The one where they bring out the dessert tray

Now normally I pass

Not even because I’m a prude

But because I am stuffed

However we decided to endulge

We got the

“Better Than Sex Cake”

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We split it and it was super yummy

Let me tell you we had no trouble clearing the plate

And on the car ride home it started..

The guilt factor

That voice in my head

“You should have just passed on it”

“Why did you do that?”

“Today’s workout down the drain”

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about

Or…I’m just plain crazy..haha

But here’s the lesson in all of this

What’s the one thing we all chase?

[ Balance ]

It’s why we beat ourselves up so bad

So I had to go back and look at my week

Meaning I reviewed my food log

^^ Don’t have one?


Start one ASAP…

Or download a food tracking App

Like…now my freind


Back to me looking at my food…

Had I been on point all week with my food?

>> Yup

Was I on point with my workouts?

>> Yessir

Do I eat cake all the time?

>> Nope

Is having balance include enjoying food

>> Duh! lol

So I had to ask myself again…

WHY was I feeling this way?

Because..I thought I shouldn’t have had it

And was this true?

Should I not have had that half of a slice of cake I shared with Roxanne?

No it’s not true!

Because it won’t destroy my results

Because I am tracking my food

Because I KNOW where I am at with my calories

Because I can see all the workouts I’ve done for the week

Because I don’t endulge in sweets everyday

Because life is all about the experiences

and you need to live

Not freak out and binge

But live!

So is this a “Free Pass” to stuff your face?

Of course not

What I am saying is this.

Had I reviewed all the information BEFORE going out

I would have NEVER had the anxiety in the first place

I wouldn’t have had the voices in my head on the ride home

I wouldn’t have felt guilty

I would have been in a position of clarity, control, and most of all…

(( POWER ))

So if you’re feeling a little out of control lately

^ Like I was last night ^

And you’re looking for answers

Then check this out

Let me invite you to BBF

Limited spots left

CLICK: http://www.twoweektestdrive.com/

– Chuck


Jun 2015 05

Stressed Out… 1why bother


Self Doubting…


And purely exhausted!

Stuck in a hurricane of dark thoughts

Feeling like giving in and just hanging it up

I know from all the conversations I have with clients at BBF

and over the years

That you (and them) often feel this way.

That’s how I feel right now

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It’s been a very challenging week

So…why bother, right?

Why not just give up

Just takes the simple statement of

“F*ck this…I’m out”

and throw in the towel.

Wave the white flag!

And why not?

Becasue that’s the easy way out

That’s what everyone else does

Those are your friends that yo-yo diet their whole life

Those are the people at the office that binge on ice cream all weekend while watching Biggest Loser

They’ll never understand this email or..

what YOU’RE trying to accomplish

They will always be seeking the quick fix

and when it doesn’t work

They’ll throw a hissy fit like a 5 year old

and QUIT!

That’s not you my friend

That’s not us!

We aren’t built like that

That’s not a part of our DNA

See..I may be having a shit week

Maybe you are too.


We are here to fight

We understand that life is conquering our demons

Not just “sweeping” them under the rug

and pretending like they don’t exist

It’s about winning the battles in order to win the war

See, what I’m ‘feeling’ this week is a simple little word

but a word that carries a TON of weight

Like a sack of bricks

It’s called…


It’s the big ass demon in the room telling us

“Take the EASY way out”

“Quit now…”

“Give in…”

or better yet

It’s like David (you)


Goliath (Resistance)

and you’re scared shitless


You know you can beat this monster

You have the power

You just have to be willing to fight the fight

Something as little and simple as a sling shot and a stone

Can take down a “Mighty” Giant

But you have to be willing to go to war

My friend…

You’re different

You wouldn’t have made it this far down the email if you weren’t

Fight the fight with me and a team that will stand with you

and lock arms united in one cause

To win the war!

Freedom is only one click away

CLICK: http://www.twoweektestdrive.com/

– Chuck “Giant Killer” Marbes

PS…I am facinated by this topic of resistance, self limiting beliefs, and self sabotage.

It’s drowns us in a sea of negative thoughts

But how would like to be able to


and be…

( ( calm ) )

to have complete control

And to conquer?

I’ll be launching a FREE webinar about this and you’ll be invited

details coming next week 🙂

For now check this out

LINK: http://www.twoweektestdrive.com/



Jun 2015 04

Sometimes in order to change you have to remain the same 1time-for-change

Sounds backwards?

Well how many times have you started something

gave it a few days

maybe a week

Saw results (or lack there of)

^ Which is nothing more than Feedback 

And then said to yourself

“I think I need to change things up”


So back to getting results

You start a new program

– You lose a few inches

– Your jeans feel looser

– You have more energy

– Scale moves a few pounds

and you decide

There’s still something missing

There has to be!

and you say to yourself

“I need to do more ____ ”


“Maybe I should cut out ____”

and the crazy thing is…

Undeniably you are getting & seeing results

Yet you’re craving more, more, more

and you start to get greedy

Yes I said it… Greedy

But Why?

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Because you can’t get to the end goal fast enough

As if for some reason you should be granted a “fast forward” button

(would be nice but hey..reality doesn’t work that way)

Yet you and I do it all to often don’t we?

“I NEED to change things up” 

NO you don’t! 

What you need to do is the exact opposite 

– You need to keep things the same

– You need to be consistent

– You need to have discipline

– You need to see what IS working

– You need to allow for time to pass

Don’t be bothered with what isn’t working

99% of the time people don’t allow the process time to mature in order to even know what IS and isn’t working

You just assume results should happen quicker

I know that this email really isn’t what you want to hear 

I know that I should try and convince you that there’s a magical ‘secret’ process to transforming your body

But I’m not going to lie to you

I’m not going to tell you weight loss is panda fruit and rainbows

and my goal is NOT to discourage you either

But we need a breath of fresh in this industry that is..


I want you to know that the formula for weight loss and transformation is…

( ( SIMPLE ) )


It requires hard work.

If you’re scared of the work then my friend I hate to break it to you

You’ll be a Yo-Yo dieter for life

You’ll lose and gain the same 15lbs over and over again

You’ll still be at ground zero while the person next to you is getting their life back

and Their Dream Body


STOP changing sh*t…

STOP looking for magic pills…

COMMIT to doing one thing

and doing it well.

I promise you all success is grounded in the basics

It doesn’t have to take decades to get the body you want

You can collapse time

That’s NOT a fantasy

It is true and it is possible

But there’s a right way to do it

And that’s EXACTLY what we coach at BBF

Want to see for yourself?

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– Chuck “Changing The Game” Marbes



May 2015 21

Another Holiday weekend is here 1 grill food

And that means

– Margarita’s

– Chips

– Burgers

– Beers

– Pies

– Cookies

– And much much more

And that also means


Because you and I both know that come Tuesday morning

The scale will not be our friend

So why on earth do we do this to ourselves?!?

I mean if it’s that predictable…why?

Well there’s the

“You gotta live a little”

and then there’s the ever so popular

“All good things in moderation”

Now for the record


I think those are great cliche’s to live by

However let’s be honest here

It’s never a ‘little’ and we don’t do ‘moderation’

It’s usually a crap ton

And I know first hand

There’s been way too many gut busting holidays over here

But that’s why I want to chat with you about it

Because I get it

Everyone in my family loves to eat

I love to eat

The Girlfriend and the kids love to eat

There’s no denying that

But the thing is we need to honor what we said we would do

When does a ‘little’ become a lot?

When does ‘moderation’ become daily habit or over done?

Before you head out this weekend for Memorial Day Weekend

Do one quick test

and ask yourself

Did I plan ahead?

Am I setting myself up for success?

Do I have control over my choices or…

will my environment control me?

Willpower will NOT win the battle my friend

Only planning and execution will do that

Now here’s the cool thing

You can totally LIVE a little

and have amazing yummy food

in moderation

When you plan and execute the plan.

I’m not a huge quote guy but here’s one I love and live by

“If you fail to plan…you are planning to fail”

Kind of brutal…but very true!

So just remember these few tips

1) Start every day with a healthy breakfast

2) Eat every 3 hours

3) Pack snacks for between your meals

4) Eat 3 meals and 2 snacks every day

5) Limit Carbs late at night

6) Keep sugars and alcohol to a minimum

7) Enjoy yourself

So hopefully this email catches you in time

Remember you can still have a ton of fun AND be in control

If you still need motivation over the weekend

Keep you eyes peeled to your inbox

I promise to keep sending my emails over the Holiday

Matter of fact

I am writing them all right now as you read this

(pretty cool techy trick)

I’m taking the weekend off myself

Well…except for a little obstacle race at Miller Park in Milwaukee

Should be a blast!

Hopefully I make it back in one piece.

– Chuck “Likes Carbs” Marbes

^^ In moderation of course 🙂


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