Jul 2015 14

In the last year I had my entire world turned upside down same game

Gained a bunch of weight

Not happy in my business

or in my personal life

I felt stuck

Full of excuses and reasons why I wasn’t happy

Excuses are a funny thing….

We ALL have them

Everyone has a story WHY we didn’t get something done

Why we aren’t where we want to be

Why we are “stuck” or ‘lost’

We are fantastic story tellers

But in the end we are all Liars

And lies don’t get us any closer to what we ‘say’ we want

Heck some people don’t even know what they want

They just like to hear themselves talk

But I don’t think you’d be reading this email if that were the case


There’s only ONE way out of this mess

and that is this…

Claim Your REALITY

That’s it…

Aka…Tell Yourself (and others) the TRUTH!

Have a hard look in the mirror

Get CLARITY on where you are right now 

Let me tell you…that shit will hurt

This past year I got Fat and LAZY

I was miserable!!!

I was avoiding the mirror

I didn’t want to see the truth

I didn’t want to face reality

I was stuck in a horrible and twisted mess in my personal life

And what did I decide to do???

What most people do…

I ran away from my pain instead of face it 

Part of that was using food to surpress my emotions

Well Booze too <– Telling the TRUTH

and it was all catching up to me

and at a rapid pace

I had to make a decision

Was I willing to face reality?


Was I willing to COMMIT to changing it

NOT conquering everything is one day

or one week

or one month


Committing to the DAILY WORK

In order to create change

You and me…we’re no different

I totally get it

I know what it’s like to be in depths of hell

I know what it’s like to bury my emotions in food

^^ among other things

To be miserable, overweight, and unhappy

and I know what it’s like when you’re at the end of your rope

When you’ve had enough

When you’re ready to give up

But my friend

It can all change in an instant

It won’t all change overnight

But it can and WILL change

When you decide to:

1) Claim Your Reality

2) Tell Yourself The Truth

3) COMMIT to change

So if you’re ready…

Let me and my team help you along the way

Transformations Happen Here ===> 

Click: http://www.twoweektestdrive.com/

– Chuck

Ps….The truth is the ONLY solid rock you can ever stand on…

^^ everything else is just sinking sand


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Jun 2015 11

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that 1sands-of-time

So let’s face it

You DO have the time

It’s just a matter of you finding it

Or better yet

WANTING to find it

We create this story in our heads that any goal

Weight Loss especially…

Takes wayyyy to much time to accomplish

Yet…think about your career for a minute

want to increase your ability to create MORE income?

So your family can live a better life?

What do you do?

You seek out a promotion, right.


You bust your ass to get it

You’ll go back to school if you have to

You find a way!

You know that there’s hard work ahead

You know that it will require sacrifice

And when it comes to money

and your family’s freedom

You don’t even blink an eye at it

You just put your head down

And do the work

So why on earth would weight loss be any different? 

Why do you create these stories that weight loss is so complicated

That it requires loads of time

That you just can’t be bothered

Because you’re affraid

You have fears…

– Fear of Failure

^^ looking weak

– Fear responsibility

^^ that comes with success

– Fear of being judged

^^ friends, family, co-workers 

– Fear that you can’t keep up

^^ Comparision is crippling 

and honestly the list probably goes on and on

So time just becomes a convenient excuse

and a justification as to why you shouldn’t start something

But the TRUTH is it’s NOT complicated

It doesn’t require hours upon hours

But it does require work

Matter of fact…

The one habit that will have the BIGGEST impact on your results 

Only takes 15-20 a day

That’s it!

I did say…


Because let’s face it

You can start walking

You can start an exercise DVD

but you can never out exercise a bad diet


All I want you to do is:

1) Download a food tracking app

2) Log your food

3) Be honest (even if it’s outside the suggested calories)

Do this for the next 30 Days

15-20 min a day (I promise that’s all you need)

And by July 4th..

Your pants will be loser than ever before.

If you want a more in depth and behind the scenes look

at how I coach my one-to-one clients on food tracking

and the one Highly Powerful (and simple) trick I use

to get kick ass results with little effort

Then get yourself registered for next week’s webinar

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– Chuck “Tik Tock” Marbes


Jun 2015 10

About one year ago I derailed myself 1flames

I was on my way back from a business trip

and life was getting a little crazy

both personally and business wise

Plain and simple

I was burnt out

and on a path to utter self destruction 

I didn’t care about my health

and I felt like burning my business to the ground

When shit hits the fan like that my friend

You’ve either

1) Done the Work Required to Figure Things Out


2) You Implode

Well for me…

It was self implosion

I went from working out daily

to maybe working out 1-2x a week

Some weeks not at all

My food was out of control

I didn’t care

I even started drinking

I mean it was redic

I was just ‘acting the fool’ as they say

all because I had NO idea how to handle stress

well that and I had lost my purpose in life

Lost in My relationships

Lost in My Business

Lost in My Faith


Totally lost with my physical well being

Good thing is today I feel better than ever

Born again if you will..

^^ we can save that for another email or video series

So…Back to the BLACK HOLE of despair

It boils down to this

When you don’t take care of yourself

Everything else around you crumbles

You can not give ‘all’ of yourself to anything until you’ve decided to invest in YOU first

I ballooned up from 210lbs to 235lbs in less than 2 months

And stayed there for quite some time

And did a very good job of covering up

With Hoodies and baggy clothes

Was I ashamed?

Hell yeah!

Was I going to let anyone know?

Hell no!

Sound familiar?

We’ve all been there my friend

I get it!

I mean I realllly get it

So how did I lose the 25lbs of pure fat?

– I decided to put me first

– I decided to end some very toxic relationships

– I decided to quit burying myself in work before it buried me

– I decided to get clear on my WHY and purpose

– I basically had to start over

Go back to the drawing board

Take responsibility for my actions

^^ Not Easy ^^

And create a new path

And I was scared as hell

But my WHY is what drove me

It’s what kept me going that first month (and ever since)

When ALL I wanted to do was quit!

When I wanted to binge eat

When I wanted to drink again

When I wanted to ‘act the fool’

My WHY brought me back


There’s 3 things you must know about success 

1) You must have a goal

2) You must take ‘keystone’ actions 

3) You must have a purpose driven life

These are just a sample of what I’ll be teaching

on my LIVE Webinar Wednesday, June 17th at 7pm (CST) 

Check out all the details below

LINK: https://betterbodyfitness.clickfunnels.com/achievemorein12weeks

– Chuck “Back in the Game” Marbes

Jun 2015 09

1 shhhI’ve always heard that the two things

people should “never” talk about are

1) Religion


2) Politics

What a joke!

Just have respect and integrity and the rest will work itself out.


So this past Sunday after church I was thinking to myself

“I wonder how many people just show up?”

There were about 700 people or so at the service

and it just made me curious

Like..how many people actually:

#1 – Listened attentively to the sermon?

#2 – Will actually APPLY it?

My guess is less than 50%

And why?

plain and simple…

People are either too scared or too lazy to Do The Work.


But this isn’t a church rant…not at all

It actually got me thinking about fitness

It’s almost uncanny how similar the situations are

The first step in all of this IS to “show up”

I realize how difficult it is to start a journey

but this email is more about once you’ve arrived

Once you’ve put that first foot forward

Where do you go from there?

Is there a plan?


Are you just ‘showing’ up?

Going through the motions.

Being seen…

“Checking in” on Facebook only to get noticed

Plugging status updates just to get likes, shares, and comments

I’m not condemning you or anyone else

I’m simplying pointing out the things that most Trainers wont

It’s about getting CLARITY

You can not get anywhere without it

If you don’t know where you’re STARTING

then how in the world can you know where you’re going?


And that’s the truth

I’ve seen so many people just show up to the gym

Just go through the motions

Feel the need to be seen or heard

To validate themselves

And then get 3,6,9 months down the road

and wonder why they aren’t getting results

Truth be told…

There are days I don’t want to do stuff

Days I am tired

Days I feel like doing ‘other’ things

Days I show up to the gym and wish I were somewhere else


I always remember something my mentor taught me

and it’s on the wrist band I wear daily

“Clarity is POWER” 

That my friend changed everything.

– Clarity in my goals 

– Clarity in my actions 


– Clarity in my purpose

^ 3 Keys to Success ^

Matter of fact that is some of what I’ll be teaching on

my LIVE webinar on June 17th at 7pm (CST)

How to Design Your Very Own Better Body Blueprint 

The Ulitimate Guide to 12 Week Transformations

It’s FREE and just for you for subscribing to my daily emails

But it won’t be recorded…

It’s LIVE only so make sure to secure your spot

Get all the details by clicking the link below

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– Chuck “Clear and Uncut” Marbes

Jun 2015 08

So if you didn’t know

I have a little ‘hate’ for running

Can’t stand it

Pretty much will do anything….but run

This may sound kind of odd coming from me

but hey…

Just tellin it like it is

Anyone that knows me knows I despise it

But today (Sunday as I write this) I decided to do something

I decided I would challenge myself

I decided to get out of my comfort zone

^ Key to success my friend

Now I don’t want to get all ‘happy clappy’ guru on you

But I will say

Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is a big deal 

So I decided to do a little walk jog thing

Walk a half mile and jog a half mile

And on mile 3 it hit me

I don’t hate running

I just don’t like it

Big Difference

And why?

Because I suck at it!

I’m horrible at it

It hurts my legs and my joints

and I feel like I’ve smoked a pack of cigs

My lungs are on fire

So why do I ‘hate it?’

Because it exposes a weakness

And no one wants to look or feel weak

Yet… the biggest place of growth comes from those exact weaknesses

See…it’s easy to do what we’re good at

Keep doing what we’ve already ‘mastered’

or what we excell at

But starting all over?

Starting from the bottom?

Having to learn something new…

Starting at a slow pace

and not getting instant gratification…

well that my friend

That’s like getting punched in the stomach

That is NOT sexy!

That is not something most people are intrested in…

I wasn’t either

Until today

Until I decided to challenge myself

It was a small simple step in two ways

in changing my mindset and my fitness

And that’s I needed to see and understand


Is there something you’re currently struggling with?

Something that you despise like me? (until today)

If so… it’s ok

And it’s totally normal

But all it takes is getting outside your comfort zone.

All it takes is 2 things

Small & Simple

Not complicated and overwhelming…

^^ Recipe for disaster and epic failure

If you’re overwhelmed

If you’re frustrated

If you’re stuck

Then you’ll want to check this out

I will be doing a LIVE 90 minute webinar on

Wednesday, June 17th at 7pm 

The topic…

How to Design Your Very Own Better Body Blueprint

The ULTIMATE Guide to 12 Week Transformations 

You will learn how to achieve MORE in the NEXT 12 Weeks…

Than you have in the past 12 Months

I will be walking you through the exact step-by-step plan I use with my private coaching clients

A behind the scenes look at how I set it all up

Your very own Better Body Blueprint


Details will be out TOMORROW 

Get yourself registered

It will NOT be recorded

You’ll want to be there…LIVE

^^ Because I reward action takers

See ya tomorrow with ALL the details.

– Chuck “Trans.form.ya” Marbes

ps….nothing to “click” today.



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