Sep 2014 26

Hello my friend…

Well if you read yesterday’s email you will know exactly where today’s is coming from

**If you missed yesterdays email it’s worth digging back into your inbox

So ….I am challenging you today..

To take LESS THAN 5 minutes

out of your day to watch something

It’s actually ONLY 3min and 23 sec long

It’s high a impact message that I guarantee will make a difference

like 100 FOLD!

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Now I’m not holding a gun to your head and shouting at you


Not at all

Actually I am just offering you a choice.

Much like the growing community at BBF

They all make a choice to invest in themselves

No magic pills or cheap solutions

A commitment to transform their mind and body


Don’t like challenges?

Don’t have 3min and 23 seconds in your “busy life”

Don’t want to find answers to your frustrations?

Don’t like me asking you raw questions?

^^ What all successful coaches do btw

And it’s cool with me whatever you choose


If you want to learn the key to unlocking YEARS of frustrations, fears, failures, etc then I’d recommend watching this video.

Again it’s ONLY 3min and 23 sec long

Video Link:

Chuck “The Choice Is Yours” Marbes

PS…. The Door to Apply to BBF is Always Open

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Sep 2014 25

So as you know I love having conversations with you

I love making you think

Without engaging your brain and making you think you’re just a limp noodle

A lemming I like to say

In line with all the rest of the brain dead zombies


^^today’s “bonus” tip

And moving forward today you’ll need to know I’m going to be…

1 – Raw

2- Real

So let’s proceed….

In the last week I’ve had the honor to sit with 8 amazing women

These are women that want to change their lives but have NO IDEA how

No here’s the funny thing

It’s not that they didn’t know how

They just weren’t willing to face the harsh reality of their situations

Here’s another thing I found interesting

They were all married women with kids…

They all had jobs working about 25-40 hours OR MORE

They had been battling weight for the past few years OR MORE

It was like I heard the same exact story 8x

And the absolute #1 Key Factor I found

ALL of them were unhappy…

*unhappy with their bodies

*unhappy with their fitness

*unhappy with their social settings

and honestly

*not to happy with their home life


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But why?

Well I’m no genius but I know a thing or two

There’s a few reasons why…

The biggest one is…

They put everyone else FIRST

and themselves LAST!

They succumb to social pressures of trying to ‘fit in’

and most of all every single conversation I had

Not one said they LOVED the mirror.


So when they realized what was happening I asked them ALL this question

Does your happiness truly matter?

(They all said yes within 2 seconds)

And if so…

Can you put a cost or price on it?

(Again within 2 seconds they all said no)

So it’s “food” for thought…

^^ puns anyone???

Investing in happiness is the fruit of life

How on earth can you take care of other people (Family)

If you don’t take care of yourself FIRST!!!

So many people go through life ass backwards.

A high level of disconnect to self which trickles down

Now…I am NOT writing this to you to make you depressed

Quite the opposite actually

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But I need you to do two things…for yourself…not me

Be Real With Yourself – Truthful

Be Raw With Yourself – Face Your Emotions

Does your happiness truly matter?

(That’s not a corny questions either)

You have to allow for it first

The COST of being unhappy is astronomical

Relationships, Family, Personal Health

The COST of being out of breath

The COST of sleepless nights

The COST of stressful relationships

The COST of an unhappy marriage

And I am sure you’re thinking

By now enough is enough

By now I need to change something

By now I need to put myself first again

I hope you do…for YOU

and I hope this conversation helped.

Make a choice

Apply Here:

Chuck “real and raw” Marbes


Sep 2014 24

So this past weekend was hanging out with the Fam

FIVE Birthdays in one week! Phew….

It’s always fun at family get togethers

One of my nephews just started pre-school and wow is he smart

The things that come out of that kids mouth are insane to me

We were having “a feast” as he says this weekend….

That cracked me right up!

But as I watched him interact with the adults I noticed something

A four year old loves to ask questions!

His curiosity with everything and his desire to learn amazed me

The fact that we wants to know WHY to everything

ME: “Don’t touch the stove, Alex”


ME: “Cause you’ll melt your hand off!”

ALEX: “Ohhhhhhhhhh”….


I love it!

The other dialogue I enjoy is….

“Uncle Chuck what are you doing?”

I’ll say whatever…

then he immediately fires back with


I’m sure you’ve encountered the WHY’s of a toddler before

So here’s the thing

How often do YOU ask yourself WHY?

WHY do you do the things you do?


WHY do you want the things that you want?

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: : : EXPERT TIP : : :

Ask yourself quick right now

Why do I eat the foods that I eat?

Why do I choose be lazy?

Why do I snooze the alarm?

Why am I frustrated?

Why do I want to lose weight?

Why do I hate the mirror?

Those are massive insights!


Those are strictly by choice.


You don’t have to be stuck in a swamp of despair

Now answer these 3 questions

-{Keeping this simple but High impact}-

What will life by like WHEN you loose the weight?

What gets you EXCITED about losing weight?

What would it FEEL like when you lose weight?

: : : TOP SECRET : : :

You may not believe this next part but

I have found the key to success

It IS why you’re reading this

It IS why so many people I help get results

and it IS simple but takes work

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You need to STOP telling yourself lies

and hiding from the pain of reality

and START seeking the truth

and instead of blaming others

or shaming yourself

You need to CLAIM responsibility for your reality

That’s it…

In two words the key to success is simple


So I will leave you with this.

Answer the questions above

and if nothing else answer these two simple questions

WHAT do I want?


WHY do I want it?

You don’t just want to lose lbs on the scale

You don’t just want those skinny jeans

What you want is how it will FEEL when you do!

Capture that my friend and you’ll be on a rocket ship to success.

Don’t wait any longer!


How many times have you wasted your money?

How many times DIDN’T the gimmicks work?

How many days did you wish you had the answers?

Stop messing around and CLAIM your reality.

Chuck “WHY WHY WHY….mind of a toddler” Marbes

ps…. My one year old Godson and Nephew taught me something too.


And it’s ok to drool on yourself….LOL!



Sep 2014 23

Now this happened a few years back but imagine this scene…

Just got home from work it’s 5pm

Wanted to take a shower

Make dinner

Do all the things that need to be done

Then eventually (like 6 hours later) haha

relax for the evening


walk into the house

go around the corner

and I see something

I see it from a distance in the living room

and I can’t believe it

Not on the white living room carpet?!



She sh*t on my carpet

Now I loved my little basset hound Sam


Not cool!

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Just leave it and take care of it later?

I’m tired and I just want to relax


There’s things to to be done


It’s been there probably all day anyway

So I ran upstairs to change

*Maybe I was just ‘seeing’ things and it’s not really real

Come downstairs and it’s still there

[Dog is giggling and pretends it’s not there]

Go do a load of laundry

*Maybe if I ‘wished’ the poo away that would work

Walk past it again…nope still there

[sam’s tail is wagging…she’s still smiling at me]

Start dinner

*Maybe Sam will clean it up for me???

Peek around the corner

It’s still there and now it’s bugging me


I should probably pick up the shizzz now

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And of course no one enjoys picking up shizzz

Especially when it’s on your living room floor

This requires more than just ‘picking up’

This requires CLEANING!!!

More effort is required

Like actual elbow grease

Mayyyyybe even a little sweat

So yeah 10-15min later the carpet was back to norm and lovely

[dog still pretends like nothing happened]


Why didn’t I clean it up right away?

Why did I procrastinate?

Why did I make excuses?

Simply enough…I didn’t care!

Wasn’t as ‘important’ as other things

I had higher ‘priorities’

I tried ‘wishing’ it away

**magic wand was broken

I tried ‘pretending’ it wasn’t there

**mind powers didn’t work

I also tried to get the dog to clean it up

**she wasn’t much help

and the only way that got it done was…

To face the shizzzz

and put in the work

and clean it up!

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I think you know where I’m going with this…

You have to take ownership of your situation

Stop ‘pretending’ its not there

‘Wishing’ it away isn’t going to work

And no one’s going to change it for you

You have to face it and want to change it

If you’re not ready…then you’re not ready

That’s cool

But eventually the shizzz in the room is going to drive you crazy

SO….Wanna remove some of the shizzz in your life?

Need help?

There’s nothing wrong with asking for help, ever

If you’re an action taker


wanting to become one then


Stop being frustrated

Stop aimlessly looking for answers and coming up with dead ends

Stop ‘wishing’ for shizzz to just change

Put in the work

Do the work

Most importantly seek knowledge and learn how

If that resonates with you then….fill out an application now!

Chuck “missing my stinky hound dog” Marbes

PS….. no Ps’s today but thanks for looking 🙂


Sep 2014 19

In addition to our Wednesday post about foods that help you lose weight here are some more goodies to mix and match for your daily meals!

Whey protein
Protein content: 24 g per 1 oz

Add a scoop to smoothies or water for a quick protein hit. Avoiding animal products? Try soy protein powder.

Protein content: 8.5 g per 1/2 cup (shelled)

A single serving packs nearly every trace mineral your body needs, including iron, magnesium, and zinc.

Protein content: 5 g per 1 cup (cooked)

Of all the leafy greens, spinach boasts the highest protein content. Try it sautéed with a bit of garlic.

Protein content: 12 g per 3 oz

Made from soybeans, this low-cal, versatile protein will take on any flavor, from Asian to barbecue.

Fish and shellfish
Protein content: 28 g per 4 oz

Whether it’s salmon, halibut, or tuna, seafood is a great catch. Aim for 3 to 5 servings a week.

Protein content: 5-9 g per 1 cup (cooked)

These hearty, grain-like seeds (quinoa, amaranth, and buckwheat) have more protein than traditional grains.

Protein content: 12 g per 2 eggs; 14 g per 4 egg whites

However you prepare them, eggs and egg whites are smart fuel for muscles.

Poultry and pork
Protein content: 28 g per 4 oz

Family favorites like skinless chicken and pork make it easy to score plenty of protein at each meal.

Hemp seeds
Protein content: 10 g per 2 Tbsp

Great for soups and salads, these seeds have 8 of the 9 essential amino acids that build muscle.

Cottage cheese
Protein content: 14 g per 1/2 cup

Eating a scoop doesn’t mean you’re on a diet–it means you’re muscle savvy. Try adding it to smoothies.

Protein content: 28 g per 4 oz

Look for the absolute leanest cuts, like round roast or top sirloin. Try bison for a leaner red-meat alternative.

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