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A few weeks back I was on a private coaching call with my man Rob 1 so sick

This guy tells it like it is

^^ I love that!

and he says to me…

“Chuck, I’m so sick of chicken I could PUKE!”

Seriously almost fell out of my chair laughing

My response

“Dude, you should probably lay off the chicken then”

He smiled and agreed

See here’s the thing

I never told Rob he had to have 18 chicken breasts a day

Nor did I say he had to eat Rabbit food all day either

You know all that green stuff all the fitness guru’s and trainers rave about

Don’t get me wrong

Veggies are important

But some trainers literally have you starving to death

So back to Rob’s dilemma

He found himself in a trap

A world of extremes

A world of…

Chicken, Broccoli, and Burpees

^^ Not a fun place to be!

And when you’re in this ‘crazy’ world of extremes

There’s only one ineviatble ending

Frustration and > > >


And honestly it makes total sense

You don’t change an entire lifetstyle over night

What happens overnight is THE DECISION to change

Next comes the FOUNDATION

This is not extreme

This is just a few steps

ones that will have MASSIVE impact

Here’s my ‘SIMPLE 6’ steps to success

Consider these the ‘cornerstones’ of your foundation

1) Eating Breakfast Daily

2) Eating every 3 hours

3) Eating 3 meals and 2 snacks DAILY

4) Limiting your carbs after 3pm

5) Watching Your Weekends (having control)

6) Have Protein at every meal

and here’s the BIG ‘KICKER’

even those may seem like a lot


Imagine if you only had to focus on 6 things ever again? 

Does that mean you have to be ‘perfect’?

Hell no…

That’s why we call it growth

but most importantly


So you can track your data

That’s exactly what Rob does…

So he can keep himself Accountable

Nutrition does NOT have to be a nightmare

Getting in shape doesn’t have to be complicated

^^ Unless you make it that way

So if you’re feeling like Rob was

Don’t worry

There’s ALWAYS a SIMPLE fix

So my friend ask yourself this…

What about food stresses me out? 

and I think you’ll quickly see

how you’re over complicating things

but here’s the best part

All you need is the “SIMPLE 6”

Keep It Super Simple

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I got you

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– Chuck “Mmm…Steak” Marbes

ps… I challenge you to execute the SIMPLE 6 for 30 days

and let me know how it goes

I bet you’ll be loving your new skinny jeans 😉

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