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When it comes to getting results in our bodies, let’s face it, it can be tough!

And you find yourself saying things like…

“I don’t know where to start!”

“I don’t know which exercises to do!”

“I don’t have the time!”

And of all the of those the biggest obstacle always seems to be


We’re all pressed for time these days with little to no time for ourselves.

Running kids around, work, meetings, running kids again, making meals, more running around and on and on it goes.

And that doesn’t even leave time for Facebook scrolling…lol 🙂

I get it!

TIME is at a premium.

So with that in mind I created a quick 20 minute total body FAT MELTING workout with 6 simple bodyweight exercises that you can do literally ANYWHERE in the world.

I decided to call this one “Jump Start My Heart”…

Before we get started I want you to review the 5 super important tips below.

5 TIPS To Maximizing Your Results: 

1- REST: We will be using a technique called Rest Based Training. This means that you need to take rest when you need it. You will PUSH until you can’t and REST until you can. So if at any point you need a few breathes take them and then jump back into the next exercise.

2 – BE METABOLIC: If you are not feeling your heart pound then you’re not in a metabolic state. We need to keep your heart rate elevated throughout the workout to get you in a peak state to ignite your metabolism. There’s no programmed breaks in this routine. You take them only when you need them. Keep moving for the full 20 minutes as hard as you can. This is NOT interval training with designed rest periods. Interval training is great but it’s not what we’re after. This is all about CRANKING UP your metabolism to burn more body fat!

3 – FAT BURNING + TONING: In this workout we are mixing the ULTIMATE combination of fat burning and toning exercises. You will spike your heart rate with cardio and then attack specific muscles with isolated exercises. Research shows that this combination can increase fat loss results up to 10X greater than traditional strength training or long distance aerobic training such as running.

4 – PLATEAU BUSTING FORMULA: The body is smart and it constantly adapts to our efforts which leads to diminishing returns. This can leave you frustrated and plateaued. So it’s important that you understand WHY we have you only doing 6 exercises in this workout. We do this to make sure the muscles are being stimulated and are forced to respond. The body MUST encounter a greater stimulus in order to change and transform. So this is why you’ll end up completing a lot of reps for the same muscle groups in just 20 short minutes.

5 – BEAT YOUR BEST: The greatest thing about this workout is it’s 100% tailored to YOU! You complete as many rounds of the exercises below as you can in 20 minutes. Then WRITE IT DOWN. Next time you perform the routine your #1 goal is to beat your previous best. Maybe that’s a by 1 reps, maybe that’s another set, maybe it’s an entire round.

Coach Chuck

Better Body Fitness

So… Are you ready for the….



“Jump Start My Heart”

TIME: 20 minutes on the clock

ROUNDS: Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes

REPS: 20 jumping Jacks followed by 10 reps of a toning exercise

GOAL: Spike your heart rate with a cardio exercise then follow it with a muscle toning exercise for the ultimate metabolic fat melting workout.

20 Jumping Jacks

*10 Squats 

20 Jumping Jacks

*10 Push-ups 

20 Jumping Jacks

*10 Reverse Lunges 

20 Jumping Jacks

*10 Dips 

20 Jumping Jacks

*10 Burpees 


Follow Better Fitness Coach Nick Kipp as he takes you through all 6 of these metabolic moves.