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Apr 2015 02

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Oct 2014 15

“Hey Chuck I’m interested in your 28 Day Transformation Program coming up.

I just have a couple questions.

1. Do I need to be to fit to join?

2. I have quite a busy work schedule and home life, will that interfere with this program?

3. What do I actually get?”

~ Sarah


I’ve had a couple other questions like this and I wanted to cover them in this email so you can decide whether it’s for you or not.

After all, you’ve on my mailing list for a reason.

And that reason is…

You’re interested in kick starting your weight loss and toning

And this program starts in LESS THAN 3 WEEKS!

(Deadline to apply is THIS Friday and remember I am ONLY taking 10 people)


Ok so let’s cut to the chase…


1. HECK NO! That’s the whole point of the program. To take you from out of shape, lacking confidence and kind of unhappy with your appearance to a more toned, sexier, and focused version of yourself. Happier that’s for sure!

You’ll be doing all of this in a positive, supportive group environment with “normal” people who are just like you.

2. I totally understand. Honestly the majority of the members at BBF are super busy hard working moms and wives just like you. We have a complete plan all set ready for you to implement ASAP….not to mention that the workouts are super FAST and fun. I may even let you have a couple glasses of wine too… I got ya covered!

3. I’m going to be brutally honest here…You will get…

– A Better, More Fit, and In Shape Body!

– Unstoppable motivation and accountability

– Group support and a dedicated weight loss coaches so you never have to feel like you’re doing it on your own

– Toned arms which means you can wear short sleeves with confidence. Let’s not forget about the thighs and booty! Working all angles. Tightening and Toning!

– People asking you “have you lost weight? what have you been doing?!”

….but here’s what you ACTUALLY GET apart from those incredible benefits to your body and mindset

::: 28 Day Transformation Tool Kit :::

- The Better Body Blueprint that will kickstart your weight-loss and fitness before most people are even out of bed

– 28 Day Fat Loss Formula to force fat off your body ASAP

– Unlimited access to Bootcamps -and- BONUS “on the go” workouts to tone your stomach, arms, booty, and thighs

– A private VIP Facebook group where you’ll have dedicated fat loss coaches (including me of course) on hand to motivate, support, and guide you even when you’re away from Bootcamp.

– One-to-One Mid Point Coaching Call! This is huge for keeping you 100% accountable to your goals.

– Custom and FLEXIBLE nutrition plan that will SUPERCHARGE your FAT BURNING hormones (instead of the Fat Gaining ones most people have going on) without eating eating rabbit food and starving yourself every day! Foods list and grocery guide galore!

BONUSES: Smoothie guide, Low Carb Meal Guide, Low Carb Deserts, Low Carb Snacks, and even a Gluten Free Meal Guide. $99 Value just in the bonuses alone!

So here’s the deal….

If you’re ready to take control of …
*your body
*your health
*and let’s face it…YOUR LIFE

Then I can NOT make it any EASIER for you

Serious Warning: I’m NOT going to run this program again until LATE Spring 2015!

So you either want in…or you want to stay where you are right now

Feeling Fat
and Unhappy

Up to you my friend

Join me and the team at BBF today


Time to invest in yourself and your future

Chuck “Can’t Wait to Meet You” Marbes

PS…..THIS EXACT EMAIL is going out to over 1400 people as well as the 2600 people on the BBF Facebook Fan Page TODAY.

If you’re “thinking about it”

Now’s the time to stop dragging your feet.

Applications are due FRIDAY!


I want YOU to be one of the lucky 10!



Oct 2014 09

How many times in your journey have you been at this point?

Working really hard (or so you think)

Negative little voice starts to creep in

Start to compare yourself to others

Hit a road block with your food or workouts (or BOTH)

Now your start to beat yourself up even more

Feeling weak because you’ve “failed”


your throw your hands up

say to yourself


“Who cares now?!”

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I’ll Eat what I want

Why workout?!


But deep down in your heart you know something

that something is this….

that in this moment you need to dig deeper and try harder


You struggle to have the COURAGE to pick yourself back up off the ground

and why is that?????

Because….that inner voice says

“What if…what IF I get knocked back down again?

I’m going to end up back here again anyway so I may as well just stay here.

It’s easier…it’s comfortable”


In reality you hate it!

So now what?!?

You’re stuck between a rock and a hard place

How in the heck do you change it??

The “F..IT” is due to overwhelm

Overwhelm of the Mt’ Everest Climb

Overwhelm of not knowing where to start



What if I told you the key is to SIMPLIFY

It doesn’t have to be complicated

It DOES require work and effort tho


Taking Mt. Everest and breaking it down makes Mt. Everest POSSIBLE

Follow me?

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If you have the tools

If you have the path

If you do it in stages (small stages)


and last but not least

You have the desire and will to forge ahead….

My friend the world is at your finger tips!

You CAN have this…ALL of this!

It’s not a fantasy

Matter of fact I am taking 10 PEOPLE

Through this journey starting October 27th

If you’re interested check it and APPLY

Only 6 spots remain…looks like we will sell out BEFORE the deadline to apply

Check it out:

Chuck “Mt Everest Ain’t Nothin” Marbes

PS…..Seriously we will probably sell out by Monday so please check it out if you’re interested and apply


im done

Oct 2014 03

Do you ever find yourself believing too small? What I mean by that is do you limit your ability to believe in the things you can do or have? Theres no shame in saying yes to that question. But lets address this topic in short form.

1. The only person limiting your beliefs is you. I once had that problem too so I know what it feels like. I once felt that I was only able to earn or have a certain amount of money per year. I also felt like I was only able to reach a small level of happiness on all areas of my life. Heck, at one point I felt that I was unable to have my own business or if I did have one that I could only have a couple clients. But those ideas didn’t last long as I’ve made it part of my lifes mission to be a big goal setter and legacy builder.

Do you find yourself only able to believe you can do small things? If so, here’s what I want you to do…

1. Create a vision board for all of the goals you want to accomplish in the next 5 years. Let’s take it one step further and make those goals bigger. If your goal is to be a homeowner let’s say it’ll be a big home and not a rundown shack or a two bedroom ranch home. In all honesty you may have no need for a mansion but let’s take all parameters off of your belief system and let the sky be the threshold for your new belief system.

Whatever your goals are we’d love to see you inject some “bigness” into them.

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Oct 2014 02

Wow….I put the biggest smile on her face last week.

Now….seriously get your mind out of the trash can!

Although. I’ll forgive you

That subject line was a bit ‘provocative’

Anyhooo…I got a wonderful response to my email that I sent out last Friday entitled “3min 23 seconds worth it???”

^^ has an amazing video in there if ya missed it


real it back in Marbes….

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So this wonderful woman named Kay sent me the following reply:

“I just need to thank you for the inspiration and motivation you provide each and every day. It does not go unnoticed, and even more, I look forward to it!

As a former fitness professional, I am now one of “those women” that have been hit hard with mid-life changes that have affected me both physically and emotionally.

Your daily messages provide exactly what I need to press on and improve. Please don’t ever stop what you are doing! You are making a difference and changing lives….even if you never “see” us.”


I hope that these emails inspire you the same way.

I also got an email the other day that said

“I thought your ‘tips’ would be something different”


here’s the thing….

I’m giving you the absolute best game changing tips you could ask for

What does that even mean you ask?

Why would I just spit out of my mouth things you can search on Google?

I mean you can search “diet” and “workouts” all day long

And get DROWNED in a sea of latest magic wands

Not only that but non of that stuff works

Well I shouldn’t say that

It does if you’re into short term results

Ya know…lose the 15lbs in 4 weeks but then gain it all back kind

See I’m here to help you achieve


Like the Transforming Your Mind and Body Kind…

Every client that I’ve ever helped coach needed only ONE thing

to unlock the….


That was belief and permission to allow themselves to achieve

Now I know you may think that sounds corny


It’s the total truth

Once you get those two PILLARS to stand on


You stack the fitness and nutrition strategies on top of them 

You must have a solid foundation

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I’ll have a ‘tips and tricks’ email coming tomorrow for ya

So again…I really hope these messages hit home

and help you build your pillars of confidence

If they do I’d love to hear from YOU to

Remember if you just click ‘reply’ I’m on the other end

No robot responders here….


If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired

I have an offer for you

Fill out this application and let’s have a conversation

I’d love to bring you under my wing for Two Weeks

But only if you’re serious about finally making that leap

I’d love to meet you!

Apply Here:

Chuck “3 Minute Man…Lol” Marbes

PS…So I know I told you YESTERDAY I’d have that email out about how Sara who lost 20lbs in 6 weeks right?

Well, I decided to change the game on that and put something together for you this weekend instead.

Yeah I know I told you I’d take the weekends off from sending you awesome emails but I think you’re really gonna dig this.

Pretty excited to share it actually.

So this weekend…you and me…one on one chat…in your inbox of awesomeness!

Can’t wait!

Here’s that link again

Apply Here:



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