Jul 2015 17

Who doesn’t LOVE desserts?! 1 - 31GuiltFreeDessertRecipes_large

What if I gave you 31 of them?

What if I told you they were GUILT FREE?

Well I have something for you….

Today I decided to say

( ( THANK YOU ) )

Thanks for making me your #1 fitness resource

I appreciate you

And to show my Gratitude I have something for you

It’s one of BBF’s signature Recipe Ebooks

Matter of fact we’ve sold this online for $19.95 

But again for you…it’s 100% FREE

So dive right in

It’s 37 pages of delicious guilt free goodness

And there’s only one rule…

You have to let me know what recipe you make first

and tell how AMAZING it is :-)


Make one this weekend and post it on Facebook

All your friends will be JEALOUS!

And rightfully so…

Who else is going to have these amazingly awesome recipes

and here’s the kicker…

You’ll be feeling… GUILT FREE :-)

– Chuck “nom nom” Marbes

Ps….Here’s just a sample of a few of the recipes you’ll find 

  • Carmel Apple Upside Down Cake
  • Peanut Butter Cookies
  • 5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake
  • 15 Healthy No-Bake Cookies
  • Summer Bars
  • Healthy Strawberry Ice Cream
  • Skinny Lemon Bars
  • Be-Thin Mint Cookies
  • Dark Chocolate Almond Bark

and many many more

Well 31 TOTAL to be exact :-)


Click: 31 Guilt Free Dessert Recipes

Here’s another awesome gift —>


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Jul 2015 16

One of my favorite shirts of all time says… 1 - cardio

“Cardio Sucks!”

and ya know what?

For the longest time I was preaching it

and here’s the HONEST TRUTH about it

I did hate cardio

(and maybe you do right now)

But WHY did I hate it?

Because I sucked at it!

I would do anything to get in shape without it

But I was coaching people to do it

I know…

Total Hypocrite, right?

^^ Again…the truth!

But recently that’s all changed

Not because I didn’t know it was essential to results and fat loss

I’ve gotten certifications that taught me that

But because I finally got off my lazy ass

Because I wanted to have Hands On Experience

In January I committed to dropping the bodybuilding thing

And jumped ‘All In’ with only using Bootcamps for my fitness

Yes it’s true…

I was finally in complete integrity with my business


I was getting kick ass results

I dropped 20lbs of fat in 4 months

Most recently

I decided to challenge myself with running


Ran that 5k last weekend

Loved the challenge

And this week

I downloaded a NEW app for my iPhone

The “10k Trainer”

It’s a 14 week program for novice runners

All it took to change my perspective and attitude was a little challenge

Not to be a master running over night

Not even to ‘love’ running

Just to love the challenge to EXPERIENCE it

You never truly LEARN and GROW without experiencing something

^^ huge lesson right there

Read all you want but nothing will ever trump ‘the experience’

So where in your fitness journey are you holding back? 

Where have you been a critic? 

Is there something you ‘hate’ about working out? 

Convinced that ‘something’ won’t work for you? 

I was convinced I hated cardio

Especially running

Now I have experience

I’m not saying I have any ambition to run marathons

But I do know two things

I DON’T hate it anymore


Cardio is kicking my RESULTS into high gear


Click: http://www.twoweektestdrive.com/

– Chuck “100mph” Marbes


I can’t wait to share with you the program Roxanne and I are putting together

Better Body Blueprint 2.0 

The results that we have been experiencing this past month are insane

and the best part is this

We are eating the foods we love

Yes, even drinking wine when we want

And not “killing ourselves” when it comes to working out

and it’s seriously the simplest food plan I’ve ever created

But for now…


Click: http://www.twoweektestdrive.com/

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Jul 2015 15

A few weeks back I was on a private coaching call with my man Rob 1 so sick

This guy tells it like it is

^^ I love that!

and he says to me…

“Chuck, I’m so sick of chicken I could PUKE!”

Seriously almost fell out of my chair laughing

My response

“Dude, you should probably lay off the chicken then”

He smiled and agreed

See here’s the thing

I never told Rob he had to have 18 chicken breasts a day

Nor did I say he had to eat Rabbit food all day either

You know all that green stuff all the fitness guru’s and trainers rave about

Don’t get me wrong

Veggies are important

But some trainers literally have you starving to death

So back to Rob’s dilemma

He found himself in a trap

A world of extremes

A world of…

Chicken, Broccoli, and Burpees

^^ Not a fun place to be!

And when you’re in this ‘crazy’ world of extremes

There’s only one ineviatble ending

Frustration and > > >


And honestly it makes total sense

You don’t change an entire lifetstyle over night

What happens overnight is THE DECISION to change

Next comes the FOUNDATION

This is not extreme

This is just a few steps

ones that will have MASSIVE impact

Here’s my ‘SIMPLE 6’ steps to success

Consider these the ‘cornerstones’ of your foundation

1) Eating Breakfast Daily

2) Eating every 3 hours

3) Eating 3 meals and 2 snacks DAILY

4) Limiting your carbs after 3pm

5) Watching Your Weekends (having control)

6) Have Protein at every meal

and here’s the BIG ‘KICKER’

even those may seem like a lot


Imagine if you only had to focus on 6 things ever again? 

Does that mean you have to be ‘perfect’?

Hell no…

That’s why we call it growth

but most importantly


So you can track your data

That’s exactly what Rob does…

So he can keep himself Accountable

Nutrition does NOT have to be a nightmare

Getting in shape doesn’t have to be complicated

^^ Unless you make it that way

So if you’re feeling like Rob was

Don’t worry

There’s ALWAYS a SIMPLE fix

So my friend ask yourself this…

What about food stresses me out? 

and I think you’ll quickly see

how you’re over complicating things

but here’s the best part

All you need is the “SIMPLE 6”

Keep It Super Simple

Want to SUPER CHARGE your results?

I got you

Check this out —>

Simple Succcess Formula (Click Below)

Click: http://www.twoweektestdrive.com/

– Chuck “Mmm…Steak” Marbes

ps… I challenge you to execute the SIMPLE 6 for 30 days

and let me know how it goes

I bet you’ll be loving your new skinny jeans 😉

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Jul 2015 14

In the last year I had my entire world turned upside down same game

Gained a bunch of weight

Not happy in my business

or in my personal life

I felt stuck

Full of excuses and reasons why I wasn’t happy

Excuses are a funny thing….

We ALL have them

Everyone has a story WHY we didn’t get something done

Why we aren’t where we want to be

Why we are “stuck” or ‘lost’

We are fantastic story tellers

But in the end we are all Liars

And lies don’t get us any closer to what we ‘say’ we want

Heck some people don’t even know what they want

They just like to hear themselves talk

But I don’t think you’d be reading this email if that were the case


There’s only ONE way out of this mess

and that is this…

Claim Your REALITY

That’s it…

Aka…Tell Yourself (and others) the TRUTH!

Have a hard look in the mirror

Get CLARITY on where you are right now 

Let me tell you…that shit will hurt

This past year I got Fat and LAZY

I was miserable!!!

I was avoiding the mirror

I didn’t want to see the truth

I didn’t want to face reality

I was stuck in a horrible and twisted mess in my personal life

And what did I decide to do???

What most people do…

I ran away from my pain instead of face it 

Part of that was using food to surpress my emotions

Well Booze too <– Telling the TRUTH

and it was all catching up to me

and at a rapid pace

I had to make a decision

Was I willing to face reality?


Was I willing to COMMIT to changing it

NOT conquering everything is one day

or one week

or one month


Committing to the DAILY WORK

In order to create change

You and me…we’re no different

I totally get it

I know what it’s like to be in depths of hell

I know what it’s like to bury my emotions in food

^^ among other things

To be miserable, overweight, and unhappy

and I know what it’s like when you’re at the end of your rope

When you’ve had enough

When you’re ready to give up

But my friend

It can all change in an instant

It won’t all change overnight

But it can and WILL change

When you decide to:

1) Claim Your Reality

2) Tell Yourself The Truth

3) COMMIT to change

So if you’re ready…

Let me and my team help you along the way

Transformations Happen Here ===> 

Click: http://www.twoweektestdrive.com/

– Chuck

Ps….The truth is the ONLY solid rock you can ever stand on…

^^ everything else is just sinking sand


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Jun 2015 11

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that 1sands-of-time

So let’s face it

You DO have the time

It’s just a matter of you finding it

Or better yet

WANTING to find it

We create this story in our heads that any goal

Weight Loss especially…

Takes wayyyy to much time to accomplish

Yet…think about your career for a minute

want to increase your ability to create MORE income?

So your family can live a better life?

What do you do?

You seek out a promotion, right.


You bust your ass to get it

You’ll go back to school if you have to

You find a way!

You know that there’s hard work ahead

You know that it will require sacrifice

And when it comes to money

and your family’s freedom

You don’t even blink an eye at it

You just put your head down

And do the work

So why on earth would weight loss be any different? 

Why do you create these stories that weight loss is so complicated

That it requires loads of time

That you just can’t be bothered

Because you’re affraid

You have fears…

– Fear of Failure

^^ looking weak

– Fear responsibility

^^ that comes with success

– Fear of being judged

^^ friends, family, co-workers 

– Fear that you can’t keep up

^^ Comparision is crippling 

and honestly the list probably goes on and on

So time just becomes a convenient excuse

and a justification as to why you shouldn’t start something

But the TRUTH is it’s NOT complicated

It doesn’t require hours upon hours

But it does require work

Matter of fact…

The one habit that will have the BIGGEST impact on your results 

Only takes 15-20 a day

That’s it!

I did say…


Because let’s face it

You can start walking

You can start an exercise DVD

but you can never out exercise a bad diet


All I want you to do is:

1) Download a food tracking app

2) Log your food

3) Be honest (even if it’s outside the suggested calories)

Do this for the next 30 Days

15-20 min a day (I promise that’s all you need)

And by July 4th..

Your pants will be loser than ever before.

If you want a more in depth and behind the scenes look

at how I coach my one-to-one clients on food tracking

and the one Highly Powerful (and simple) trick I use

to get kick ass results with little effort

Then get yourself registered for next week’s webinar

How to Design Your Very Own Better Body Blueprint 

The Ulitimate Guide to 12 Week Transformations

LIVE –  Wednesday, June 17th at 7pm (CST) 

Check out all the details below

LINK: https://betterbodyfitness.clickfunnels.com/achievemorein12weeks

– Chuck “Tik Tock” Marbes


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